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Get 50% OFF discount when paying with Bitcoin

Since February 22, 2020, we have introduced the ability to pay for our services using Bitcoin. For buyers, you must select the appropriate payment method on the checkout page.


We are such firm believers in the future of cryptocurrencies, that we’re offering a huge 50% discount on all orders that are paid with a cryptocurrency. If you choose “Bitcoin” as your payment method at checkout the discount will be applied automatically.
There are different online exchanges/brokers where you can purchase cryptocurrencies for your local fiat. We recommend Coinbase.

Coinbase has the simplest interface we have found for purchasing Bitcoin. You can pay easily with your debit/credit card and have your cryptocurrency deposited into your Coinbase wallet instantly.

Coinbase also offer free iOS and Android apps for managing your account, and your crypto wallets from your mobile phone. This makes making a crypto payment as easy as scanning a QR code with your phone’s camera.

So now you have no excuse! Go get yourself some Bitcoin or your preferred altcoin and enjoy a massive 50% discount off anything you order from CUTESVGCOM
Best Regards, Team